Saturday, 7 April 2018

C4B Weekly Lesson Report

Weekly lesson report: 43
Dates: 2nd April-  6th April 2018

       Class: 4B
Class Teacher: Ms. Shaher Bano
Topics & Activities this week
HW & assessments next week
Learner Profile attribute
Learner Profile attribute that will be focused next week's inquirer and knowledgeable. Students will gather information through inquiry/research and present their understanding of the lesson taught.
IB Learner Profile to be focused for the next week is being thinker. Students will learn to be thinkers to understand about ecosystems.
Grammar: Students wrote GK exam.
Reading: Students read Chapter-18 from Charlotte’s Web.
Writing: Students did editing in report writing.   
Listening & Speaking:  Students listen and express their feeling on the chapter two in Charlotte's Web.
  • Charlotte’s Web link:
Student did activity based on Biodiversity and they completed the portfolio work.
पाठ से सम्बंधित कार्य करवाया गया ।
दिए गए कार्य को सम्पूर्ण कीजिए ।
Abacus: Student’s continue to learn about big friends.
  • Students did equivalent fractions.
  • Students did conversion of improper fraction to mixed fraction.
  • Students did conversion of mixed fraction to improper fraction.
  • Students continued doing conversions of fractions.

Theme: Sharing the planet.
Topic: Biodiversity
Central Idea: Biodiversity relies on maintaining the interdependent balance of organisms within systems.
Lines of Inquiry:  
  • Ways in which ecosystem, biomes and environments are interdependent.
  • How human interaction with the environment can affect the balance of systems.
  • The imbalance within consequences of ecosystems.
Learning Engagement:
  • Students learnt about the causes and effects of human activities on the environment.
  • Students did fish bone activity on causes and effects of human on environment.
  • Students wrote FA-2 on LOI-2.
  • Students did tuning in to LOI-3.
  • Students did role play on food chain to understand if one thing is missed out how then what consequences will happen to an ecosystem.
Refer the given links for symbiosis:

Refer the given link to learn about producer, consumer and decomposer. Play online game to learn about Food chain.


Students done the comprehension worksheet, they read the passage given in the worksheet and answered the questions.

No Class

Tug of war, dodgeball.  

Action in ‘my favorite lunch…’

Students did drawing and colouring activity.

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