Saturday, 7 April 2018

C1B Weekly Lesson Report

                             Weekly lesson report: 39
Dates:2nd April -6th April

                     Class: 1B
Class teacher:  Ameena Farhat
Topics & Activities this week
HW & assessments next week
Learner Profile attribute
.The Learner profile attributes which we focussed this week is “knowledgeable”   and “caring”.      
The learner profile attribute which will be focussed next  week is  “inquirer”.
Listening and Speaking:  Students learned new action commands, spoken commands, followed the rhyme and revised phonic song, phonic words
in Karadi path session.
Reading & writing
Students did spell bee, and made the sentences using sight words.
Students trace, read and learn the words from tarjani book.
HW given
Students learnt shrinking patterns,and drew the shrinking patterns in notebooks,
Students made shrinking patterns using blocks.

Central idea:  Homes reflect cultural influences and local conditions
Line of inquiry:          
  • What constitutes a home (form)
  • How homes reflect family values (connection)
  • How homes reflect local culture
  • Factors that determine where people live
Classroom activities
  • Students showed their understanding about the different types of houses and parts of the homes in formative assessment.
  • Students did group activity by pasting 10 most  important family values.
  • Students watched video how factors that determine where people live.
  • Students wrote few lines about the different types of houses.
HW given
Students selected their favorite worksheets for portfolio.

Students made greeting cards for SLC day.
Happy happy home topic wise.

Students revised vyanjan till letter “ma”

Student watched morals stories and portfolio work has been done.
Students learn new words related to unit.

Students completed activity sheets by discussing games of interest with their friends.
They also completed puzzle using critical thinking skills.

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