Saturday, 17 March 2018

PP2 A Weekly lesson report

Weekly lesson report: 35
Dates:12 March-16  March 2018

                     Class: PP2A
Class teacher: Maryam Mirza
Topics & Activities this week
HW & assessments next week
Learner Profile attribute
The LEARNER PROFILE ATTRIBUTE that we focused this week on our new topic was being an inquirer. It is great to see the child being a keen learner doing inquiry.
Meaning:-  Inquirer means to ask questions, to make investigation or move ahead with the topic. If we never ask questions, we will never get answers.

Viewing and Presenting:  Sentence formation using the proposition.
Listening & Speaking: Karadi path: Session 40 and 41 was completed.
Reading & Writing:  Reading assessment was conducted.
Grammar: Recapitulation of verbs(action words) and an introduction of positional words(prepositions) and ‘S’ plurals was done.
Spell Drill:

Prepare the child for writing Assessment.
Students identified few letters like pay, daal, tay, zay, zhay, zuwad, sheen, and meem. They also learn two letters words. They also made the words and wrote them in practice book
Read and write the two-letter words in the practice book.
Revision of the letters(E to Ae) was done in firefly book.A new poem of swar is being taught.
Hw of letters (E to Ae) given in firefly book.-
Numbers: a recap of positional numbers was done.
Shape & Space: --------- Recap of shapes was done.
Data handling: ----------
Patterns & Functions: shapes patterns and colour patterns was done.
Prepare the child for the assessment.
Theme: Sharing the planet
Title: Plantlife
Central Idea: Plants have specific needs in order to grow and stay healthy.
Concepts: Causation,function,responsibility.
LOI 1: Characteristics of plants.
LO2: The condition that plants need to stay healthy.
LOI 3: Our responsibility towards the plants.

Introduction of natural things and man-made things and explained them their differences. Activity did in the class named as “THINK & DRAW”
Students played a game of recapitulating primary and secondary colors.
Explore self-open mind to be a better inquirer by going outside of campus to the playground and enjoyed.
Read not your Bible… action song

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