Friday, 30 March 2018

PP1C Weekly Lesson Report

Weekly lesson report: 33

Dates: 27-3-2018 to 29-3- 2018

                    Class: PP1C
Class teacher: Ms. Afrooz Jamal
Topics & Activities this week
HW & assessments next week
Learner profile

Learner profile which we are focusing on is “communicator”as children are speaking about their families.
Learner profile  which we will be focusing on is communicator.”
Students will express about their family and its
Reading and Writing:Recapitulation of upper and lower case letters.
Lower case letter “v” was introduced followed by writing in english firefly book
Help your child read and practice uppercase(A-Z) and lowercase letters(a-v).
Recapitulation of numbers 1-50 and numbers names(1&2) were done.
Number name “three” was introduced followed by writing in math practice book.
Help your child practice numbers 1-50. Help them to practice number names i.e; one, two and three.
Homework given in math practice book number name “3”.
Write the missing numbers(worksheet).
Theme: who we are
Central Idea:  Family relationships contribute to shaping our identity.
Lines of Inquiry: Diversity of families.
2.Responsibilities within the family.
3.How families influence who we become.
Learning Engagement:
Roles and responsibilities of the family members were discussed. Students inquired about the responsibilities of their family members.
ASSESSMENTS: Formative Assessment 1 was conducted for 1st line of inquiry i.e; Diversity of families.
Discuss the roles and responsibilities of your family members with your child and fill in the boxes given below(worksheet).

New song: ‘Read not your Bible…’


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