Friday, 9 March 2018

C1C Weekly Lesson Report


Weekly lesson report:35
Dates: 5th March - 9th March

                     Class: 1C
Class teacher:  Kulsoom Jafar
Topics & Activities this week
HW & assessments next week
Learner Profile attribute
Dear parents
Wishing you all happy women's day!
The learner profile attributes concentrated upon this week were “knowledgeable” as they took assessments this week and “reflective” attribute as they completed their unit reflection sheet by filling in their favourite and difficult activities.
Learner profile attribute to be focussed next week would be “inquirer” as we will begin our new UOI topic. Encourage and appreciate your child’s “caring” attitude.
Students practised making words with jumbled letters from the second section of the Dolch list.
They also made words with the blends ch, sh, bl and fl
They also learnt new action commands, spoken commands, followed the rhyme “Monkeys” and revised phonic song, phonics words.
Complete the homework given in notebook and read the given passage.
Students were introduced to two letter words (jode hue) they said the words and sentences and also practice it in practice book. They did the portfolio work.
Do the given work in the practice book.
Recapitulation of vyanjan letters was done from Ka-Ba and then new letters [Bha and Ma] was introduced followed by written work.
Homework is given in firefly.
Homework worksheet was reviewed and students carried out peer correction. Children tried making arrays on their own, (emphasizing multiplication table of 2).
They also wrote numbers from 501 - 700.
Complete the mental math sheet given in the notebook
Central idea:  Water is essential to life and a limited resource for many people.
Line of inquiry:
  • Sources of water and how water is used
  • What happens to water after we have used
  • Distribution and availability of usable water
  • Responsibilities regarding water

Classroom activities
  • Students did group work using their homework worksheets and carried out Connect, extend and challenge thinking routine.
  • They discussed and wrote what different methods of water wastage they came across by going through the worksheet of their friends and shared their discovery with the class.
  • students observed the experiment carried out by teacher (   and showed their understanding by sorting fresh water/salt water bodies and writing about the percentage of different types of water they saw in the experiment in their notebooks.
  • They watched videos on people suffering from water shortage in different parts of the world and wrote about one problem they identified in the videos, action they would take to solve it and reflect on how the action they take will affect the world.
  • Students took a formative assessment to show their understanding of distribution and availability of usable water,
  • Finally, the unit ended by completing the story of Boond as summative assessment
  • And completing the end of unit reflection sheet
Help your child to complete the inquiry worksheet sent home.
Introduction of Computer devices and definition of data and how the computer works with responding to given instruction and lead to results.

On account of women's day students prepared the outfit of dancing dolls made of papers.
Explore self to be a better thinker by going outside of campus to the playground and enjoyed games that relate to the topic.

Portfolio work is done.
As per the uoi topic taught the ’water cycle travel in a cycle…’ by Rrun Ranpal, supremepower music akr youtube

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