Friday, 30 March 2018

C1C Weekly Lesson Report


Weekly lesson report:38
Dates:27th March - 29th March

                     Class: 1C
Class teacher:  Kulsoom Jafar
Topics & Activities this week
HW & assessments next week
Learner Profile attribute
Dear parents
Learner profile attributes focussed upon this week were “knowledgeable” as they took assessments in Hindi and Urdu. They also displayed “open-minded” attribute by paying careful attention to their friends' thoughts during classroom discussions.

  • Students practised rhyming sight words from Tarjani book
  • They also reflected upon the paragraph from assessment and searched for adjectives in the same.
Complete the word search given in notebook and prepare for spell bee to be held on Monday.
Assessment was conducted.
Complete the given worksheet.
Assessment conducted

Measurement of objects in terms of kg and grams introduced
Students weighed different objects to understand the difference between kilogram and gram
Students practised greater than and lesser than sign in terms of weight.
Complete the worksheet given
Central idea:  Homes reflect cultural influences and local conditions
Line of inquiry:          
  • What constitutes a home (form)
  • How homes reflect family values (connection)
  • How homes reflect local culture
  • Factors that determine where people live
Classroom activities
  • Students watched powerpoint presentation that featured change  in needs and hence the type of houses from old days to present
  • Students drew a future house for themselves.
  • Students shared their family values with class.
Complete the inquiry sheet sent as homework.
No class

Students prepared cards and pasted decorative cutouts on the cards

Students played kabbadi

Students watched video on different types of houses

No class

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