Friday, 16 March 2018

C1C Weekly lesson report


Weekly lesson report:36
Dates: 12th March - 16th March

                     Class: 1C
Class teacher:  Kulsoom Jafar
Topics & Activities this week
HW & assessments next week
Learner Profile attribute
Dear parents!
Learner profile attributes focussed upon this week was “inquirer”.
Next week we will be concentrating on “knowledgeable” attribute of the learner profile as students will be taking assessments in english and math.
Reading and writing
  • students made words from jumbled letters and completed the second section of the dolch list.
  • to improve reading skills students read a comprehension passage and showed their understanding by drawing and coloring  
  • Students took reading assessment by reading sight words, a story passage and answered the questions that followed it.
Listening and speaking
In order to improve their listening, speaking and reading skills
Students followed action commands, spoken commands, learnt the rhyme “to the beach I like to go” and read double vowel sound words
Complete homework given in english notebook
Students identified few letters like pay, daal, tay, zay, zhay, zuwad, sheen and meem. They also learned two letters words (do harfi alfaz jode hue) and they made few words and wrote them in practice book.
Read and write the two letter words in practice book.
  • students did repeated addition and recalled 2 times table. They also tried hands-on activity on repeated addition and recalled 2 times table by pasting buttons on a worksheet.
  • students recapitulated numbers and place value in worksheet and firefly workbook
Complete mental math given in notebook and worksheet sent.
Central idea:  Homes reflect cultural influences and local conditions
Line of inquiry:          
  • What constitutes a home (form)
  • How homes reflect family values (connection)
  • How homes reflect local culture
  • Factors that determine where people live

Classroom activities
  • to tune in to new theme “where we are in place and time” students had cut out circles from homework worksheet and arranged them in a way to zoom in from planet view to their home and participated in “talk a minute” to read their book to the class giving details of their locality and home.
  • to tune into the topic homes (realise the need of a home) students watched the story of three little pigs and showed their understanding of the story by drawing 4 important scenes from the story in a proper sequence
  • to  familiarize students with the unit ‘Homes’ and unit vocabulary, students carried out break up of central idea and wrote down  the unit vocabulary in their notebooks
  • In order to check the prior knowledge of students, they drew their home and label the different rooms of their home.
Bring pictures of objects used in a home.
No Class

Students learnt to make flowers with color papers.

Assessment Conducted

Students watched a video related to their ongoing UOI topic.
Students learnt the devotional song “give me oil in my lamp”

Students went on a field trip on 16/03/18 to “shilparamam” to have the first-hand experience of different homes and cultures.

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