Friday, 2 March 2018

C1C Weekly Lesson Report


Weekly lesson report:34
Dates: 26th February - 1st March 2018

                     Class: 1C
Class teacher:  Kulsoom Jafar
Topics & Activities this week
HW & assessments next week
Learner Profile attribute
Dear parents
Happy Holi!
This week the learner profile attributes concentrated upon was “inquirer”. Students actively took part in several activities and proved to be active inquirers by being curious and asking different questions.

Reading and writing
Recapitulation of pronoun, compound words and singular/plural nouns done in class.
Students practiced different directed commands, learnt new rhyme “monkeys” and watched expressive narration in power action, power music and power story module respectively
Complete the revision homework given in english notebook
Recapitulation of Haroof e illat and do haroof alfaaz. Assessment conducted in the same.
Complete the homework worksheet sent
Pa, pha, ba, bha practice done this week
Complete homework given in firefly book
Students brainstormed and solved mental math activities in class. This week students learnt to use standard thermometer to determine rising and falling temperature followed by using degree celsius unit to measure temperature.
Introduction and follow up activity done to learn Arrays. Students used blocks and other items like lentils and beads to explore arrays (repeated addition and representation of array)
Complete the homework worksheet sent
Central idea:  Water is essential to life and a limited resource for many people.
Line of inquiry:
  • Sources of water and how water is used
  • What happens to water after we have used
  • Distribution and availability of usable water
  • Responsibilities regarding water
Classroom activities
  • to observe the changes in form of water and learn the different states in which water exists (solid, liquid and gas) and water cycle students observed experiment done with Ice - cubes (Ice- water(collection) - steam (evaporation), jar(condensation) and precipitation)
  • students will learn the “water goes in a cycle” song and perform the same in groups, they also practiced different stages of sewage water treatment plant
  • Students took formative assessment 2 on the understanding of water cycle and sewage water treatment plant
  • students tasted sweet , salt and normal drinking water to brainstorm on salt and sweet water. They watched on usable water available on earth.
Help your child to complete the inquiry worksheet sent home.
Introduction of Computer devices And definition of data And how the computer works with responding with given instruction and lead to results.

Students did assessment and portfolio work.

Fun and enjoyment with dance the best form of warm up and Students explore in improving self chosen games ex: standing Broad jump, Long jump, skipping, throw ball, running.
Student must have healthy breakfast before reporting to school on 6 March. They will have Assessment in ground based on their physical efficiency.
Students watched videos related to their UOI topic water.

No class

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