Friday, 23 February 2018

PP2 C Weekly Lesson Report

Weekly lesson report: 33
Dates: 19th Feb. - 23rd Feb. 2018

                     Class: PP2 C
Class teacher: Ms. Zubaida
Topics & Activities this week
HW & assessments next week
Learner Profile attribute
The LEARNER PROFILE ATTRIBUTE that we focused this week for our new topic was being an inquirer. It is great to see the child being a keen learner doing inquiry.
Meaning:-  Inquirer means to ask questions, to make investigation or move ahead with the topic. If we never ask questions, we will never get answers.

Same attributes will be continued.
Viewing and Presenting:  
Listening & Speaking:Karadi path: Reading & Writing: Words with blends ‘pr ’, ‘dr’ and ‘tr’ were introduced.
Grammar: Recapitulation  of using ‘this’ and ‘that’ in a sentence.
Introduction of ‘those’ and ‘these’ sentences in a sentence.
Spell Drill:

Do the homework given practice book and activity sheet.
Students did recapitulation of letters from alif to badi with actions , two letter words and also did the recap of harkaat ( zabar,zair, paish) with its sounds and they learned the face of letters( haroof ki mukhtasar shaklein from alif to say.
H.W given in practice book.
Students wrote the letter (OW) in  firefly book and watched the poem of swar.
Complete the given worksheet and hw given in firefly book.
Numbers:1.Between and after numbers( recapitulation)
2.Arranging the numbers in ascending order(small to big).
Shape & Space: ---------
Data handling: ----------
Patterns & Functions: ----------

Do the homework given in firefly book.
Theme: How we organize ourselves
Title: Field to table
Central Idea : Many products go through a process of change before they are consumed or used.
Concepts: Change, Connection, Reflection
LOI 1:Origins of products
LOI 2:Changes things go through before    they are sold.
LOI 3:The roles people play in putting food on our table.
LOI 4:How people select the products they use.

Went for field trip to active farm for first hand experience.
Introduction of LOI 4 : how people select the products they use.


Students played a game for recapitulating  primary and secondary colors.

* No Class *

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