Friday, 16 February 2018

PP1 A Weekly Lesson Report

Weekly lesson report: 27

Dates: 12-2-2018 to  16-2- 2018

                    Class: PP1A
Class teacher: Ms.Meena Farath
Topics & Activities this week
HW & assessments next week
Reading and writing:
Introduction of lower letter“h and i”followed by writing.
Students watched videos of the community helpers with their roles and tools.
Session 45 and 46
POWER MUSIC:Based on the rhyme “To the beach I go” children did activity to develop their communication skills.{My name is ------------- I like to play with sand. What  do you like to play with}.
Help your child practicing lower case letters a-i.
Write uppercase letters A-Z and lower case letter from a-i in the worksheet given.
Circle the  matching lower case letter  in each row in the worksheet given.
NUMBERS: Recapitulation and oral practice was done in the class.Students did different activities like tracing and matching the numbers from 16-20 in firefly book.

Help your child practice reading, identifying and writing number from 1-20. Count the objects and circle the correct number activity is to done on page number 84 in FireFly book .Write after numbers in practice book.

Theme: How we organize ourselves.
Central Idea: People play different roles in communities to which they belong.
Lines of Inquiry:  
1.Various communities we belong to.
2.Roles of people who are part of our communities.
3.How communities are organized.
Guest Lecture:
Mr Rajesh{carpenter} was invited to get the children first  hand experience of the tools used by the carpenter  to make different furniture.
LE:We spoke to the students about the hierarchy of community helpers in a community to make the  children understand  how communities  function.
Learner Profile:
Draw lines matching the community helper with the vehicle and community related to them in scrap book.
Discuss about the hierarchy of the communities (school and home)with your child.Example:grandparents are the head of the family followed by parents and children .
In school principal is the head followed by vice principal,coordinators,teachers,and helping staff.
      No Class

Fun with energisers, aero music moves and cardio moments warm up exercises.

       No Class

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