Friday, 23 February 2018

Class 1 A Weekly lesson report

Weekly lesson report: 33
Dates:  19-2-2018 to 23-2-2018

                     Class: 1 A
Class teacher: Azra Fatima
Topics & Activities this week
HW & assessments next week
Learner Profile attribute
The learner profile attribute which we focussed this week was thinker.
The learner profile attribute ‘thinker’ will be focussed next week also.  Encourage your child to try to think of solutions to problems independently.
Pose different real-life problems specially related to water and questions to your child.
Listening & speaking:
Students listened and  responded to the story read aloud by the teacher.
Reading:  Students selected stories of their choice and practice for loud reading was given.
Writing: Practice  for sight words was given in the form of jumbled words and missing letters. Recapitulation of opposite words done.
1. Read the given sentences and circle the nouns.
2. write the opposite for the given words.
Please log in to the sites given below for some interesting games on sight words and  simple sentences.

Students recaptualated vyanjan, the letters [PA, PHA, BA] was introduced along with its related words and written work was done in firefly.
Homework given in firefly.
Constructing meaning:
Students were introduced to the measurement unit litre, played games of filling bottles watched videos  videos and later did related activities about half, full, quarter andempty.
Carry out the activities in the worksheet given.
Central idea: Water is essential to life and is a limited resource for many people
Line of inquiry: tral idea:  
·         Sources of water & how water is used
·         What happens to water after we have used
·         Distribution and availability of usable water
Responsibilities regarding water
Concepts: Function, responsibility
Finding out:
Students demonstrated their understanding about LOI 1 in FA 1, where they listed a few sources of water and selected one source and showed how can we keep the water clean, watched videos and enjoyed the power point  to find out about waste  treatment, and demonstrated their understanding about journey of water to the treatment centre and return to the environment.
Estimate the amount of water used in various household uses and write in the given worksheet.

Please log in to the  given sites for inquiry on the unit water.
Students played a game damsharas to recognised the picture and letters and  identified and read two letter words and they said the letter sound to pronounce the word also did practice of haroof-e-illat in practice book.
Do the given h.w in practice book.
And  Assessment will be conducted in next week.
Students watched the video of how to save water and they played a game related to it.
Students did painting activity of different shades when adding water to it.
   Assessment will be conducted in next week.
Broom started with a new topic  “Computer Devices” introduction of devices.

Fun and enjoyment with dance the best form of warmup and Students explore in improving self chosen games ex: standing Broad jump, Long jump, skipping, throwball, running.
Advice to focus on Balance Diet
Ek chhoti chidiya … Hindi rhyme

Dear parents,
Please make your child do the home work given in all the subjects.

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