Friday, 16 February 2018

C1C Weekly lesson report

Weekly lesson report:32
Dates: 12th February - 16th February 2018

                     Class: 1C
Class teacher:  Kulsoom Jafar
Topics & Activities this week
HW & assessments next week
Learner Profile attribute
Dear Parents
This week we focussed upon thinker and caring attributes of the learner profile

Students were assessed upon first list section of the Dolch list
They also read words to find the alphabets of that word in a given list and made sentences.
Students took an assessment in prepositions and compound words.
Students learnt new directed commands and revised the rhyme “sambar” followed by review of phonics in power reader module of Karadi path session 34
Homework given in notebook
Students played 321 hot seat activity to revise the letters (haroof-e-tahaji from alif to badi ye and they also did practice of two letter words in practice book.
Fill the blanks with the correct letter and complete the two letter words
No class
Students defined greater than, less than and equal to. They played games with manipulatives to compare different numbers. They also tried making two digit numbers on their own and used appropriate symbols to compare the numbers.
Students were also assessed in the understanding of polygons and currency
Homework worksheet given
Try the link below for a fun way of learning to compare numbers

Central idea:  Water is essential to life and a limited resource for many people.
Line of inquiry:
  • Sources of water and how water is used
  • What happens to water after we have used
  • Distribution and availability of usable water
  • Responsibilities regarding water
Classroom activities
  • students listed the unit vocabulary in their notebooks
  • students carried out zoom in activity observing Google Earth to figure out sources of water.
  • students were given a jug of water and asked to ponder of ways to use it to form a spider map in order to show the uses of water. They used the water to water plants, help friends wash their hands.
  • students show their understanding of how water appears, sounds and feels by completing Y chart
Homework worksheet given

Watch an interesting video on water bodies
Students did worksheet of keyboard with fun and learning engagement.

Students did black and white art.
Students began to learn improving self
chosen games ex: standing Broad jump, Long jump, skipping, throwball.


No class

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