Friday, 9 February 2018

C1B Weekly Lesson Plan

Weekly lesson report: 31
Dates:6th Feb-9th Feb 2018

                     Class: 1B
Class teacher:  Ameena Farhat
Topics & Activities this week
HW & assessments next week
Learner Profile attribute
.The Learner profile attributes which was focussed this week is “thinker”  and “inquire”.      
The learner profile attribute which will be focussed next  week is “ “thinker”  and “inquire”.      
Listening and Speaking: Students learned new action commands in power action and read five letter words power reader and enjoyed the song in Karadi path session number 34, students listens the story of three billy goats and did comprehension.
Reading and writing: students made the sentences using adjectives, students recap nouns, verb and pronoun, identify and circled in magic pot, students read and write sight words from ‘dolch list ‘ in notebook.
Spell bee on Monday
Students were learnt about currency and did activity using fake note and did activity  to understand better about the addition and subtraction with currency.
Students learnt about 3-digit hundred,  tens, ones  and write in notebook.

Central idea: Water is essential to life and is a limited resource for many people
Line of inquiry: tral idea:  
  • Sources of water & how water is used
  •      What happens to water after we have used
  •         Distribution and availability of usable water
Responsibilities regarding water
Concepts: Function, responsibility

Classroom activities
Students design their own car ,
Students  did summative assessment  by making the poster and shown their understanding about the unit.
Turning in
Students observed the globe and world map did see think and wonder activity.
Breakup of central idea to  understand  about the unit

Students engaged with the uses of gadgets and tech. Tools in education

Students made hot air balloon with paper strips and 3D hot air balloon.
Send 1 old C.D. for the activity.
No class

Recapitulation of vyanjan letters taught , then two new letters [the and dha] was introduced with their new related words  followed by written work.
Homework given in firefly.
Students did recapitulation of letters from alif to badi ye, harkaat (zabar, zair, paish), two letter words and faces of letters( haroof ki mukhtasar shaklein) and also learn haroof e illat Alif , woow, choti ye and badi ye. They wrote haroof-e-illat woow and choti ye with all the letters from alif to badi ye.
Students played the game of making sentences with few given words.
Students began to learn improving level games ex: standing Broad jump, Long jump

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