Friday, 19 January 2018

PP2 C Weekly Lesson Report

Weekly lesson report: 28
Dates: 17 Jan. - 19 Jan. 2018

                     Class: PP2 C
Class teacher: Ms. Zubaida
Topics & Activities this week
HW & assessments next week
Learner Profile attribute
The learner profile attributes which we have focused this week were thinker and inquirer. The students shared their   inquiry by showing the products with their class and developed thinking skill
Same attributes will be continued.
Viewing and Presenting:  Students did hands on activity of using “This” word in sentences and sentence formation with “THIS”
Listening & Speaking:Karadi path: session 31 done students has enjoyed and learn power action, power music and power story well.
Reading & Writing: Students has learn and write the sentences using “This “ word with blends /digraphs.
Spell Drill: The students read the sight words from the board daily.

Do the homework given practice book and activity sheet.
     No class
Make any 5 flashcards of hurf e tahaji.
Students wrote the letter (Uu) in firefly book.
HW given in firefly book.
Numbers:  Students did numbers activity and write numbers from 91 -100
Shape & Space: ---------
Data handling: ----------
Measurement: Students learn to write  arranging numbers,comparing numbers and place value.
Patterns & Functions: ----------
Do the homework given in firefly book.
Theme: How we organize ourselves
Title: Field to table
Central Idea : Many products go through a process of change before they are consumed or used.
Concepts: Change, Connection, Reflection
LOI 1:Origins of products
LOI 2:Changes things go through before    they are sold.
LOI 3:The roles people play in putting food on our table.
LOI 4: .How people select the products they use.

Introduction of LOI 2
Students learnt about how origin is changed and the process of things changes go  through before they are sold in shops through audio visual activity and hands on activities.

Do the work given in activity sheet.
Types and uses of computer with brief explanation.
Students did practiced of different lines like straight, dotted, curved, zig-zag, chain, etc.

Students did house colour gross motor activity to get familiarize to their house they belong.

Practice for upcoming Sports day games done.

Bandar mama…’ and  we shall overcome…’ & honge kamyab…’ for 26 january.

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