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C4B Weekly Lesson Report

C4B students perform in the PYP assembly on Simple Machines

Weekly lesson report: 30
Dates: 8th January -  11th January 2017

                    Class: 4B
Class Teacher: Ms. Shaher Bano
Topics & Activities this week
HW & assessments next week
Learner Profile attribute
Learner Profile attribute that will be focused next week's inquirer and knowledgeable. Students will gather information through inquiry/research and present their understanding of the lesson taught.
IB Learner Profile to be focused for the next week is being thinker. Students will learn to be thinkers to know why simple machines is important in our day to day life.
Grammar: Students introduced to subject verb agreement.
Reading: Students read chapter-2  from Charlotte’s Web.
  • Writing: Students did instructional writing    (revising).
  • Listening & Speaking: Students carefully listen to the story and shared about their thoughts on it.
  • Charlotte’s Web link:
  • Do the instructional writing on your favorite food.
تین حرفی الفاظ کیسے بنتے ہیں بتایا گیا اور فیض احمد فیض کی غزل سنائی ، لکھائی اور پڑھائی گئی
راز الفت چھپا کے دیکھ لیا
غزل : فیض
پنکج ادھاس کی آواز میں
Students learnt and practiced the ottulu and gunitapu gurthulu.
Holiday homework has given.
सरल  वाक्य बनाए  गए  ।
चार अक्षर  वाले शब्दों को पढ़ाया  और लिखाया  गया  ।
दिए गए गृहकार्य  को सम्पूर्ण कीजिए ।
Abacus: Student’s continue to learn about big friends.
  • Students multiply 3 digits numbers by 2 digits using number line and learnt about Natural numbers.
  • Students did multiplication using array method. They learnt about whole numbers.
  • Students did multiplication word problems and they learnt about odd and even numbers.
Complete the given task sheet and learn the table from 1 to 12 thoroughly.
Theme: How the world works
Topic: Simple Machines
Central Idea:Understanding how machines work leads to technological advancements.
Lines of Inquiry:  
  • The principles and types of simple and compound Machines.
  • Inventions which use the Principles of simple Machines.
  • The application of simple Machines in our lives.
Learning Engagement:
  • Student completed their goal sheet for the portfolio. They prepared for summative assessment.
  • Students wrote summative assessment on simple machines.
  • Students did reflection on their unit Simple machines.
  • Students did portfolio work.
: Play online game from the link given below:

Students read the story, then circle what they like and underline what they don’t understand to make the reading experience more interesting by referring to the picture.Rather than correcting pronunciation, support the students’ understanding.

Students learnt more about stormboard they learnt to insert images and changing theme colour.
Practice the same
Sports day practice

mera mulq…preparation for Republic Day
H/W   Please open the link and do practice for Republic day.

No class.

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