Thursday, 25 January 2018

C4 A Weekly Lesson report

Weekly lesson report: 32
Dates: 22nd January -25th January 2018

                    Class: 4A
Class Teacher: Ms. Tatheer
Topics & Activities this week
HW & assessments next week
Learner Profile attribute
Learner Profile attribute that will be focused next week's inquirer and knowledgeable. Students will gather information through inquiry/research and present their understanding of the lesson taught.
IB Learner Profile to be focused for the next week is being thinker. Students will learn to be thinkers to understand about various civilizations.
Grammar: Students learnt about Subject-Verb-Object.
Reading: Students recapitulate chapter-5 in Charlotte’s Web
Writing: Students were introduced to Story Writing.
Listening & Speaking: Students shared their inquiry work and presented it through gallery walk for ancient civilization.
  • Charlotte’s Web link:


Students wrote words of signs of achulu { Talakattu and Dirgham }
Complete the work which has given.
उच्चारण  मे अंतर करवाया  गया ।
सयुंक्ताक्षर को  पढ़ाया  और लिखाया गया ।
दिए गए गृहकार्य  को सम्पूर्ण कीजिए ।
Abacus: Student’s continue to learn about big friends.
  • Students did word problems using division.
  • Students continued to do analytical word problems using division.
  • Students were introduced to Multiples and Factors.
  • Students showed their understanding and did problems on multiples.
Theme: Where we are in place and time.
Topic: Ancient Civilization
Central Idea: Evidences of past civilization can be used to make connections to present day societies.
Lines of Inquiry:  
  • Characteristics of civilizations and societies .
  • Connections between past and present.
  • Process involved in collecting, analyzing and validating evidences.
Learning Engagement:
  • Students continued their inquiry work on task sheet.
  • Students did rebus activity on 7 wonders.
  • Students demonstrated their understanding about the characteristics of civilizations on chart and did presentation.
  • Students wrote definitions of words related ancient civilizations.
Make ppt on any 1 civilization and also add pictures on the following things::
  1. About the civilization
  2. Geographical location.
  3. Economy/Money.
  4. Clothes.
  5. Food.
  6. Culture.
  7. Artifacts.
Mail it on:
  • Formative Assessment-1 would be conducted in form of viva on 29th Jan
Students read the story, and completed the activity sheet on book review by referring the story book.

Students learnt to write and insert picture in the padlet.

Sports day practice

Selection children who were not selected last week (in previous class)

Students did drawing and colouring activity on republic day theme.

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