Saturday, 27 January 2018

C1C Weekly Lesson Report

Weekly lesson report:29
Dates: 22nd January - 25th January 2018

                     Class: 1C
Class teacher:  Kulsoom Jafar
Topics & Activities this week
HW & assessments next week
Learner Profile attribute
Dear parents
Happy Republic Day!
This week we concentrated upon “Open minded” and “Communicators” attributes of the learner profiles.
Instill the quality of "courage" in your child in order to spark the confidence in order to participate with zeal and zest in upcoming sports day without bothering about fear of failure.
Appreciate "balanced" attribute of learner profile in order to maintain balance in their studies and sports.
Listening and speaking
Students reviewed the weekend homework worksheets (compound words).
Reading and Writing
Assessment taken from “primar” section of Dolch list which was scheduled for the week.
Words beginning with “sh” and “ch” done in class.
Students learnt new action commands, spoken commands and directed commands from power action module learnt new rhyme “sambhar” from power music module and strengthened the phonic and syllable sounds from power reader of session 31 and 32.
Words from Tarjani workbook pgs 13-16 to be written in notebook.
Students were introduced haroof e illat alif, wow, choti ye, badi ye and they wrote all letters with harf wow in practice book.
Students recaptualated first three lines of vyanjan and then a new letter was introduced.
Homework given in hindi firefly.
Introduction of “Currency” topic done, students carried out several activities to identify coins and notes of Indian rupee.
They also showed their understanding addition and subtraction of money under 100r.s.
Students did currency related activities in firefly workbook.
Review of weekend homework worksheet (3D shapes).
Homework worksheet sent. 
Central idea:  Communities make efforts to create transportation systems that meet their needs
Line of inquiry:
  • Features of transportation systems
  • Decisions involved in using transportation
  • How systems of transportation respond to changing needs
Classroom activities
  • Formative assessment 3 done in order to understand the differences that have taken place in means and modes of transport over time along with reasons for the respective changes.
  • Student reflection sheet completed by the students to know their understanding of the topic.
Homework worksheet sent
Students enjoyed with strategy, mind game open house game on Trending technology.

Students prepared decoration material for republic day and drew parade ground scene in their drawing books.
Sports Day games and parade practice step by step.

Students watched the video of moral story on hard work.
Mera mulk mera desh…’ Selection and practice group wise in class for Republic day.

Students participated in the Republic day celebration.
Medical check up done (General, Dental and Eye) and medical reports sent.

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