Friday, 12 January 2018

C1C Weekly Lesson Report

Weekly lesson report:27
Dates: 8th January - 11th January 2018

                     Class: 1C
Class teacher:  Kulsoom Jafar
Topics & Activities this week
HW & assessments next week
Learner Profile attribute
Dear Parents
Happy Sankranti!
The learner profile attributes focused upon this week were “inquirer” “caring” and “reflective”.

Students were assessed in “pre-primer” section of Dolch list given.
Compound words were introduced and practiced.
Homework given in notebook (Write sentences using prepositions and compound words)
Students were introduced the faces of letters from suwad to badi ye and they also did recapitulation of faces and letters from alif to badi ye.
Match the word with the correct picture and write it

Followed by recapitulation of 2D and 3D shapes done earlier, new 2D shapes (pentagon, hexagon, heptagon and octagon) were introduced, students practiced the same on geoboards and in their notebooks.
Homework given in notebook (Write numbers 400-450 and practice 2D shapes done in the week)
Central idea:  Communities make efforts to create transportation systems that meet their needs
Line of inquiry:
  • Features of transportation systems
  • Decisions involved in using transportation
  • How systems of transportation respond to changing needs

Classroom activities
  • Students went on an educational field trip to Dabeerpura railway station, Sudha cars and Nehru Zoological Park to observe and experience different vehicles and train ride respectively.
  • In order to practice descriptive writing students had expressed their opinions about the field trip as “reflection sheet”.
  • Students also interviewed school staff as formative assessment to find out about the means of transport they use in order to come to school and the reasons of opting for the same. (Decisions involved in using transportation)
Complete the worksheet given
No Class


Sports Day games, drill and parade practice stage one.

Students listened to the story “The magic porridge pot” narrated by the teacher and noted down name of a person, place, animal, thing they heard of in the story.

mera mulk, mera desh…preparation for Republic Day
H/W   Please open the link and do practice for Republic day.

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