Friday, 12 January 2018

C1B Weekly Lesson Report

         Weekly lesson report: 27
Dates: 11th Jan-14th Jan 2018

                     Class: 1B
Class teacher:  Ameena Farhat
Topics & Activities this week
HW & assessments next week
Learner Profile attribute
.The Learner profile attributes which was focussed this week is “knowledgeable”  and “reflective”.      
The learner profile attribute which will be focussed next  week is “ “knowledgeable”  and “reflective”.      
Listening and Speaking: Students learned new action commands in power action and read five letter words power reader and enjoyed the song in Karadi path session number 29, students listen the story little red hen and did comprehension.
Reading and writing:  
students  did spell bee and read new sight words.
Compound words were introduced,students wrote compound words in notebook.
HW given
Students were familiarized with  more 2D shapes, students drew and write the properties of 2D shapes in notebook, students practiced 2D shapes on geoboards.

HW given
Central idea:  Communities make efforts to create transportation systems that meet their needs
Line of inquiry:
  • Features of transportation systems
  • Decisions involved in using transportation
  • How systems of transportation respond to changing needs
Students  did formative assessments  on second line of inquiry
( interviewed the teachers which means of transport their use to travel school and why)
Students did the reflection sheet and shared their views about the field trip.
HW given
No class

mera mulk…preparation for Republic Day
H/W   Please open the link and do practice for Republic day.

Homework given in firefly book.
Students were introduced the faces of letters and they also did the recapitulation of letters and their faces from alif to badi ye.
Match the words with the correct picture and write them.
Sports Day games and parade practice stage one.

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